About Exquisiti

Exquisiti was born to offer discerning patrons the pleasure of having handmade, unique and beautiful interiors and art works for their home or office. At their convenience and at an affordable price.

WE ARE NOW OFFERING A LINE OF POSTERS OF DISTINCTIVE ARTIFACTS to reach people who have a keen sense of beauty and a budget.

Almost all of our beautiful items are unique and handmade from natural materials. We bring to you a global  tradition, across countries and cultures, of hand made artworks, crafts, with timeless designs and patterns that flourish through centuries.

We bring to you the best - Murano glass art, silk and velvet wall hangings, silk rugs, tapestries, paintings, papyrus watercolor paintings, African art, and pottery from America, Italy and others in Europe, Asia, China, India, Egypt, Africa etc.

We are passionate about preserving our heritage of talented artisans who painstakingly and passionately imbue their genius in their creations.  

We will strive to make Exquisiti your preferred source of high end home decor.