Master Artists of Murano Glass making – featured at Exquisiti

Its our privilege and honor to feature distinctive art works from Dino Rosin and Walter Furlan, two famous glass-masters from Murano, an island of Venice, Italy.

 Dino Rosin

Dino Rosin was born in Venice in the late 1940s and has worked with renowned glassworks and his illustrious brother Loredano to become a master glassmaker who develops outstanding and unique works of art. Dino’s passion, his refined techniques and skill in “intaglio” (carving), “molatura” (grinding) of large glass sculptures, and "Chalcedony" (with minerals) illustrate his imagination & creativity.

Dino’s Masterpieces are exhibited in important art galleries worldwide including New York Experimental Glass Workshop, Inc. Brooklyn, (1993); California College of Arts & Craft – Berkeley, CA. (1993); Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. (1995); University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL. (1996, 2001); G.A.S. Conferences in Boston, MA (1996) and Tucson, AR (1997); Hsinchu International Glass Art Festival, Taiwan (1997); Steuben Glass, Corning, NY (2005).

Additional exhibitions include: “Master Glassworkers of Murano in the 20th Century, Comacchio, Italy (1995); Aperto Vetro Venezia: Tribute to  Venice – The Four Seasons, Venice, Italy (1998); Anacortes (WA) Arts Festival 41st edition (2002); Pilchuck’s annual Glass Auction, Seattle (WA) (1998, 2001-4), Art Across America, Kirkland (WA) (2003); “Vitraria: Artistic, Historical and Industrial Glasses, San Vito al Tagliamento, Pordenone, Italy (2004).

Dino has taught at Pilchuck Glass School, (1998, 2001-3); Corning Museum of Glass, (1999, 2005); Martha’s Vineyard Glass Works, West Tinsbury, MA (2005).

 Walter Furlan

Walter Furlan is the doyen of the glassmasters, a magnificent creator of the flooded and stylized glass.  Born in Chioggia in the 1930s, his extraordinary training, experience and association is like a who’s who of modern artistic glassmaking. He started early and worked at VAMSA and Cenedes Gino with the old masters Romano Tosi “Mamaracio”, Alfredo Barbini and Gino Forte “Peta”. Here he perfected his favorite technique of working on solid glass called "Massello"; later at Ferro & Lazzarini working with Ineo Fuga and Albino Carrar he became a master at chandeliers.

He has sculpted glass art works based on drawings of artists Horst Lobota, Renzo Margonari, and Ghibbe’. Subsequently at the Murano Award promoted by the Association Abate Zanetti, he produced beautiful glass sculptures for Verdiano Marzi, Andrea Pagnacco, Marconi, and Laura Santoro. Recently he has commissioned art works for Lindstrom, Alinari, Barattini, R. Wagner, Jef Van Reniaout, and continues to produce magnificent works of art at his own studio.