Decorative Plate - Shiraze (Tabak)

Decorative Plate - Shiraze (Tabak)

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The Shiraze Plate, one of Osmanli Collection’s limited edition products, has been produced in a limited amount of 2000 pieces. This plate is # 1194 of this special series.

The motifs on the Shiraze Plate are inspired by the Iznik tile drawn by Baba Nakkash in the 15-16th centuries. The Shiraze Plate is handmade from glass and is decorated by hand with 24 carat gilt relief designs.

CAUTION: This product is made for decorative use only. Use only a dry cloth to clean it. Avoid direct contact with wet cloth or water.

Product Size:  Diameter: 24 cms or about 9.5 inches

Shipped from the USA.